she her. 16. brown. bi. virgo. ๐Ÿ’ญ


spotify pin ig

san. plushies. miraculous ladybug. making playlists. sports. cleaning.

antis of my ults. men. edgy gg stans. bugs.

basic dnfi criteria. stay/staytiny. anti my ults. solo stan/akgae bts or ateez. stan/like blackpink. take kpop way too seriously. put kpop before morals. canโ€™t take a joke. throw bts or ateez under the bus for other groups.

BEFORE YOU FOLLOW... ... i'm not always active. i mostly tweet about ateez. i like to interact. sb to unfollow.

please let me know through dms if i ever do anything wrong or make you feel uncomfortable...!

ULTS ateez san bts jungkook red velvet yermseul LOMLS chungha yeonjun OTHERS p1harmony cix dpr live enhypen exo twice shinee

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